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UCtima I 

"The first JAge of Darkness 

pubLcatlon is sub J«t to change without notice. 
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© Copyright 1994, Richard Garriot. 

Ultimais distributed by Vitesse, Inc. under license from Electronic 

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Printed in the United States of America. 


The Adventure 

/jf/aiC NoBeC One! Our (and is in need of a staCwart 
J i, one who witt Brave perils too horrific to 
I- consider. JApQzgue has Befallen the 'ReaCm, a scourge 
is upon the (and! Our villages Cie sacked, ruinous mounds of 
ashes -where once trod peasants stout of heart and sound of 
mind, -where once (ay fields of grain and fruit, where kine 
andfowC grew fat upon the Bounties of our fair Sosaria. JKft 
manner of wicked and "vile creatures prey upon our people 
and ravage the (and 'Tis the doing of one so evil that the 
■very earth tremBCss at the mention of his name. 

Mondain the "Wizardhath wrought his maCice well Our 
noBles Bicker amongst themseCves, and each hath retired to 
the confines of his keep in hopes of watching the downfall of 
his rivals. "Verify, the Evil One hath heaped indignity upon 
curse By releasing a host of creatures andbeasts so Bloodthirsty 
andw icked that our defenseless people faff as grain Before the 
reaper's scythe. These denizens of the underworld hoCd sway 
over ad that can Be surveyed save for the strongholds of the 
noBCes Besotted with their own amBitioru (How here in our 
once peaceful country may a traveler find safe passage or 
(odging, save in the keeps of the seCfprocCaimed kings- and 
they demand hard CaBors for their induCgences. 

— - J - J 1 OnCy the young Lord 

"British remains 
steadfast in the vision 
of a peacefuC and 
united Sosaria. In his 
castle and his towne 
the pure of heart will 
find an aCCy and 
rep(enishment for the 
needs of one who hath 
chosen to fight for the 

J\idus in ridding our (and of the scourge that hath Befallen 
us, NoBeCOne. We Beseech thee, for without thine aid we 
shall sureCy perish Before the onslaught of the maCeficent 
necromancer. Sidy the evil Mondain! 



( § ^ fam6 Sosaria are popufated By a diversity of 
1 Zhhit"? XS™* "* th& eC *™ nts - from the tiniest 
s^Jttnfrl \ ^ a tawerin ^™*n, our foCk show a 
VntTthfr^ f "?£"fwn in other parts tithe worQC 
-Until the coming of the fouC Mondain] our foCk Cived in 
harmony and worked toaether in the true spirit of 
comradeship. The principaCinhaBitants of Sosaria are: S 

^fuman - Endowed with a naturaCinteOect higher than any 
other race, the humans are the BackBone of Sosarian so" 

Shorter than their human counterparts By the span of 
three hands, of Sosaria are sCigtt of BuiCdarSswiA 
of movement Their superior natural agidty makes them 

trees of the deepest forest or in the adeyways of the capitaC 
the Sosarian xf mates a staCwart companiJanda rekntkss 

Vwarf- Mountain foCk and legendary miners, the dwarves 

$JLT rm r Stam % Ut L[ f a kum " n ' s yet often outZ^h 

sCender eCves. They are matchless in courage andp^sZs^n 
inordinate endowment ofnaturaCstrength^^e^riZeTttne 
Sosarian Dwarfs challenge to wrestCeJor JinZVativert 
unless thy suppCy ofgoCdle endless and 1 thy generosi^ famplk. 

leGwStA Smu(]C and gentle race, the Sosarian VoBBits are 
^Cievedto have come to our Xealm from a distant pOxce. They 

fres^Z?rZ™T imUk 4^ anJth? serenity o} 
forest clearings. Their diminutive height Beina even (ess than 
a dwarfs, t&y shun any task thatinvof^s Zrdf^r 
VotYt^rTt^f'^T* 5 °f Stud * ^oTemptZ: 



^AThiCst the professions practiced By our foCk are 
V V numerous, there are But four courses of action that may 
Be followed By the novice adventurer. These are: 

fighter — The rigorous training invoCved in (earning to 
Become a fighter results in a stronger, more agiCe adventurer. 
The knowledge acquired during this periodpermits the fighter 
to use virtually every kind of weapon that might Be found in 

Cferic — J\ profession suited to those who are of an 
introspective nature, the study of the ways of the cleric 
requires patience andresuCts in a good deal of wisdom. Such 
is their cafm and concentration that at no time w ill 'the proper 
spell cast By a cferic fad to attain its desired resuCt. 

"Wizard — To Become a wizard in our Realm, one must study 
Cong and diCigentCy, poring over ancient writings and dusty 
tomes. Mastery of the arcane arts comes not easily, yet such 
training hones the intellect to a superior edgel The fruits of 
the Cong years of discipline are deemed to Be worth the effort, 
however, for onCy the wizard may purchase the necessary 
suppCies for the casting of the more powerfuC enchantments. 

Thief — lVhi(st not a profession heCdin the highest esteem 
among those charged with maintaining the puBCtc order, 
thieving is a trade that often serves the adventurer wed 
Many of the explorers finds are guarded By clever and devious 
traps that require nimBCe fingers and a dexterous hand. 
Larceny and the opening of Cocks comes much easier for the 
thief than for other mortals, for they who fottow this occupation 
are endowedwith exceptional agility. 


CastCes ancC Townes 

Sbsaria is a (and dotted -with the 
castCes of the noBidty of the 
"ReaCm andwith numerous townes 
wherein the traveCer might purchase 
suppCies and provender. Townes and 
castCes may be entered freeCy, But woe 
to the one who fooCishCy is apprehended 
in an act of thievery, for the puBCic 
order is maintained here By Burly, w en- 
trained (juards. 

Tach castle is heCdBy a noBCe, the Xing 
of his particuCar region. Xings 
maintain aBsohite power in their realm 
and are exceCCent sources of 
information, yisit these (bcaC ruCers; 
they have much to offer the serious 

CastCes, often BuiCt of stone, 
are peopCed with 
merchants, courtiers, 
guards, andfooCs. "Beware 
the jester; for even as they 
amuse, they may aCso 


f 'II" he merchant class of Sosaria is I \\ \. 

f the mainstay of the 'ReaCm's 
JL economy. Att manner of trade 
goods - foodstuffs and the handiwork 
of CocaCartisans - can Be found in towne 
andcastle shoppes. JAn adequate suppCy 
of QoCdwittheCp to equip the adventurer 
with everything from rations to the 
most esoteric of weapons. Some of the 
more common emporiums found in 
castles and townes include: 

JArmary — The tailors of protective garments await your 
pleasure in the armories of Sosaria. The finest craftsmen in 
the "ReaCm wuTswiftCyfit you in a suit made of worked Ceather 
or metaC Trice varies according to the (eveC of protection 

'Weapons — Sosarian 
metalsmiths know no peer, 
from a stmpCe carved 
mace, reinforcedwith good 
iron, to the most exquisite 
greatswords of tempered 
steeC, the weapons of the 
"ReaCm are truCy -works of 
art. 'Tis rumored that 
some of the arms one may 
find in the distant reaches 
of our Cand surpass aCC 

Transportation — 'Whilst one may traveC throughout much 
of the ReaCm afoot, there are aCternate means of transport 
that make short journeys pass more quickCy, and Conger 
journeys feasiBCe where once such voyages seemed impractlcaC 
Common modes of travel incCude the use of horses and of sea- 
going vessels. Uncommon modes of travel are also rumoured 
to exist. 


Magic — A once-forgotten discipline, the study of ma aw 
has enjoy ed a renaissance since the coming of the evi( Mondain. 
Many hoCdthe Belief that sorcery is indeed needed to comBat 
sorcery. The practitioner of the arcane arts canjnirchase the 
needed took of the trade in various magic shoppes scattered 
throughout the 'Realm, 

food— none can five without sustenance. The food shoppes 
of Sosaria provide the local populace with fresh produce and 
meats while the adventurer can fmdprov is ions therein that 
will last for weeks in the wilderness with no special care 

TuBs — The peopCe of our 
Cand are fond of strong spirits 
and lively companionship. 
Most settlements are graced 
with puBCic houses where a 
tankard of strong ale from the 
region ofT -insic or a flagon of 
the Best Ihelorn mead may be 
had for But a few coins. Many 
of the people found in these 
taverns are quite friendly, and 
the ones serving the drinks are 
often fountains of wisdom and 


Q t ur (and is an ancient one, where strange and 
wondrous Beings once wa(ked the earth and 
civilizations rose and fell There are numerous 
underground laByrinths to Be found throughout Sosaria, the 
handiwork of unspeakaBCe creatures and unknown forces. 
These mazes have Become the dwellings of many of the horrors 
unleashedBy Mondain upon our poor (and Indeed the (invest 
depths of some of these hellholes contain creatures that make 
even the staunchest warriors Blanch andtremB(e. 

yet these suBterranean passages also contain caches of the 
predatums of Mondain s minions. An intrepid adventurer 
can finance many an expedition with the spoils of a foray in 
the dungeons of Sosaria, Hearken well: 

""Extreme caution is 
needed when exploring 
underground. The 
corridors are (inedwith 
the Bones of exp(orers 
who overestimated their 



S)efore the arcfimage Mondain can Be defeated, his 
^conqueror's mettle will first have to Be tested in the 
farthest reaches of the heavens. 'Tis saicCthat the Tvit 
One has formed affiances -with starwatking monsters of 
unparat&ted savagery. These maticious creatures standpoised 
to swoop down upon our people anddevasta te them. The need 
to stay the vite wizard is redouBtedin the face of this threat. 

ShouCda champion emerge from the mists of legend, the 
means By which to comBat this menace from, the skies wilt 
appear - so say the prophets. The legends which foretell of this 
hero include a number of writings and sever aC Baffads sung 
By the Bards of our Realm. Among the more recent discoveries 

pertaining to the coming of the starwatkers is an arcane 
manuscript, found on the foothills of ML Drash, Since it 
appears to hold instructions for the use of some form of 
transport, it has Been Broadcast throughout the (and n hopes 
that it might prove usefuCto one engaged in the quest to rid 
Sosaria of Mondain. The suBstance of the document is as 


"In the heavens, each vehicle has the means to 
controC rotation, as well as thrust and retro (reverse 
thrust). In the front view mode, one can turn (eft, right, 
cdmB, and dive. 

The starways are divided into 49 sectors ona7X7 
grid. In the top view mode one can see all within the 
current sector. jA Cong range scan may Be oBtainedBy 
use of the 'Inform' control ConsuCt the Ttfbt's Reference 
ManuaCfor the symBoCs needed to interpret a scan. 

One can jump to the next sector in the direction of 
current travel by using the Jfyperjump capaBidty. 

-Docking with starbases can Be attained at any of 
the unused docking ports and should Be made only at 
stow speeds while headed directCy into the port opening. 
JA docking fee is required Upon docking, a ''Base 
Command query will Be issued and 'the pilot is expected 
to indicate the direction toward the next vehicle that 
wilTBe used 

Reentry takes place when your ship passes over the 
lands of Sosaria. OnCy the shuttCe has heat shields. JAny 


vehicle w iff incinerate if it collides with a star. 

One may encounter and engage in comBat with 
hostile Beings in the heavens. Once comBat has Begun, 
the pilot cannot return to the top view until aid enemy 
craft have Been driven from the current sector or the 
pilot has chosen to hyper jump to the next sector. 
IMPORTANT: Changing from front view mode to top 
view mode at high speeds will surety resutt in a fatal 
collision, "Be wary of fuel levels and shield condition. 
Jl ship without fuet drifts forever and a depleted shield 
spells certain death." 

Our most (earned scholars have translated the document 
into the common tongue of the Realm, But certain terms and 
phrases have no meaning even to the most erudite sage. 
Nonetheless, such is our desire to Be rid of the scourge of 
Mondain that we make this information avadaBte to alt 


The MagicaC JArts 

flK s mentioned: elsewhere in this tame, the practice of 
Z_i magic had once died out in Sosaria. The power of 
%ihe mystic tradition proved too corrupting for the 
generaC popuCace and the Cords of the (and decreed that aCC 
who dabbled in sorcery were to be Banished 'Twos not untiC 
the coming of Mondain the 'Wicked that our scholars once 
ogam unearthed the dusty writings that containedthe records 
of the once flourishing arcane arts, and set aBout to retrain 
adepts in the use of enchantments. Our leaders readze that 
once the discipCine of magic is reawakened, it shaCCnever again 
be put to rest. Such is our pCight that even the most dreaded 
of the arts is laid Bare to all who wuTtry to (earn it and who 
swear to use its powers to comBat the spread of Mondain s 
■vile. infCuence. 

IVhile those naturaCCy Born to the practice of sorcery, who 
can invent their own enchantments and forge new ground in 
the arts, have yet to emerge as powerfuCwizards in their own 
right, a certain jrrogress has Been made. There are four 
artifacts avadabCe to the Budding mage which will enhance 
the aBiCity to weave enchantments: Staff, 'Wand, AmuCet, and 
Triangle. The latter is a magicaC sword that may also serve 
as a weapon, SeveraCpowerfuCspeOs, which wUTcost the Buyer 
dearly, may Be purchased in the magic shoppes of Sosaria. 
These incCude: J 

'BCink — The aBidty to Be physically transported a short 
distance white underground 

Create — The aBiCity to create aw ad of magical: force directCy 
in front of the speucaster. 

'Destroy — The aBiCity to remove a wall of magical force 
that BCocks the speucaster' s path. 

XiCC — An enchantment hurled at a foe in front of the 
speucaster. If successful; this cantrip wiR destroy the opponent. 

Ladder Down — This enchantment creates a magicaC 
ladder which permits the speucaster to descend to the next 


CeveCofa dungeon. 

Ladder lip — This enchantment creates a magicaC (adder 
which permits the speucaster to ascend to the next CeveCof a 

Magic MissiCe — The aBiCity to strike a foe with a Blast of 
magicaC force. The more skiCCed and weCC-equtpped the 
speucaster, the greater the damage infCictedBy the blast. 

Open — This speCCpermits the opening of coffins at no risk to 
the speucaster By magically disarming any traps. 

Trayer — The aBiCity, when in dire straits, to caCCupon one's 
personaC deity in hopes of finding a way out of a pressing 
diCemma, Should Be used only when the speucaster is in serious 
need of divine heCp. 

'UnCock — This speCCpermits the opening of chests at no risk 
to the speucaster By magically disarming any traps. 


The 'Bestiary 

f f ne HeaCm of Sosaria is popuCated By a variety of 
§ creatures, Both natural and unnaturaC The Catter 
JL group hath been on the increase since the coming of the 
XviCOne. Through the efforts of a posterity -minded! few, a 
collection of names and descriptions of the more common Beasts 
hath Been compiCed and may Be perused herein. 

Archer, Jfidden — So kicking 
in courage are the minions of the 
viCe Mondain that his Archers onCy 
pCy their trade from hiding pCaces 
high in the treetops of the forests of 
Sosaria. Their aim, nonetheless, is 
accurate and many a traveCer has 
died without ever knowing whence 
came the deadfy rain of BarBed 

HaCron — Jfuge, Ceather-sk inned 
daemon Cords, the BaCron are perhaps 
the most fearsome of the evifminions 
of Mondain. Armed with vicious 
barBedwhips andpossessing the aBiCity 
to cast devastating fireBads at their 
victims, these winged scions of jCeCC 
have proven to Be the nemesis of the 
f Cower of Sosarian knighthood 


'Bat, Qiant — JACthough the- 
Sosarian giant 'Bat is But a 
dumB Brute, this Carge cousin of 
the more common vampire Bat 
found in other Cands is indeed a 
menace to those unfortunate 
enough to disturB its 
suBterranean sCumBer. The 
§iant 'Bat Cives on a diet of 
animaC BCood and is not averse 
to feasting on adventurers. 

Carrion Creeper — These 
Coathsome worms inhaBit the 
deeper reaches of most 
dungeons, -where they feed on 
the corpses of any CuckCess 
creatures they encounter. The 
numerous Cegs on their 
segmented Bodies are equipped 
with smaCCbarbs that allow them 
to move quickCy on waCCs and 
ceidngs, as weCC as aCong 
corridors. Carrion Creepers 
shouCdBe avoided at aCC costs. 

'Bear — The JCtlCBear towers over the taCCest human and is 
armed with saBer-Cike cCaws capable of rending even the 
stoutest pCate armour in a singCe BCow. The species was first 
sighted on the sCopes of Mt. TDrash, But hath since spread 
throughout the land These creatures are extremeCy iCC- 
tempered andwiCC attack without provocation. 


CycCopS — J^l race of Belligerent, one- 
eye cC giants, the CycCops dweCt in 
Sosaria Cong Before humans ever 
walked! its shores. Driven underground 
many years ago, the CycCops Cong to 
return to the surface and drive humans 
into the sea. "Beware, for they wiCC 
attack on sight. 

Daemon — fierce, Bat winged 
horrors armed with crueC taCons and 
BarBed tridents, Daemons were 
unknown in Sosaria hither to the 
advent of Jvlondain. Drinkers of 
human souCs, Daemons are said to 
reCish the screams of tortured humans 
aBove all else. 

Dark Xnigfit — Such is the corrupting influence of the 
fouCMonddin that even the most virtuous of Sosarian chivaCry 
are suBject to fad under his sway. The (and is now BefouCed 
with Dark Xnights -predatory warriors who seek to waylay 
innocent travelers androB them of their hard-earned goods. 


Dragon TurtCe — These fire-Breathing, aquatic dragons 
inhabit the seas around Sosaria and are considered an even 
greater menace to mariners than the winds of a typhoon. They 
are protectedBy a shelCtougher than enchanted plate armour, 
and thus are extraordinardy difficuCt to defeat. 

"Ettin — Travelers in the forests of our 
(andhave oft Been fooled into thinking 
they have drawn near to a group of 
feCurw explorers when they encounter 
an Tttin, for these two-headed 
monstrosities have Been known to 
carry on heated discussions with 
themseCves. Jin Tttin invar iaBCy 
aBandons its diaCogue when it hath the 
chance to attack a travedng 

CjeCatinous Cube — Called dungeon-sweeper By some, the 
gelatinous CuBe is a suBterranean dweller that roams corridors 
in search of food Their Bodies are composed of a cCear, 
corrosive, jelly-Cike suBstance which renders them difficuCt to 
see, But they may sometimes Be detected By the remnants of 
armour or deBris containedwithin them. They are omntvores, 
digesting anything they find after aBsorBing it into their 
massive Bodies. Contact with a gelatinous CuBe has ruined 
the armour of many an unsuspecting hardy warrior. 

Gremtins — Mischievous kin of the trous and lizard men, 
gremlins are underground creatures of voracious appetite. 
JA favorite diversion is to steaCthiCy approach unwary 


travelers andpiCfer their foocCrations. Many an adventurer 
hath Been consignedto death By starvation beCow the surface 
of Sosaria as a resuCt of the antics of these creatures. 

'Hood — 'When the corrupt infCuence of the unspeakable 
Mondain spread throughout the "ReaCm, even some of our 
staCwartpeasants feCCunder the sway of the eviC wizard These 
warped' individuals now roam, the countryside attacking 
traveCers. 'White unskiCCedin the use of arms, they nonetheCess 
pose quite a nuisance. 

InvisiBCe Seeker — Among the most dangerous of the 
denizens of the catacombs BeCow our (and is the InvisiBCe 
Seeker. None have ever seen one of these horrific stayers, for 
they are - as their name irnpCies - unseeaBCe. Their presence is 
usuaCCy first detected when open wounds suddenly Begin 
appearing on the Body of a victim. They are, however, 
susceptiBle to harm from most weapons. 

3C nig fit — Like their forest-dwelling counterparts the Dark 
Xnights, the predatory Xnights of Sosaria are warriors who 
have forsaken the ways of ChivaCry for the paths of T.viC They 
are fierce opponents andmust Be treatedwith care if one is to 
avoid an untimely demise. 

Licfi — The Lich is an eviC speCCcaster who, through the 
necromantic arts, hath entered a state ofdving death in order 
to prolong an unhoCy reign on earth. 'Woe to the explorer who 
stumBCes upon the (air of a Cich, for the undeadmage wtH 
guard its domain fiercely and attack without hesitation. 

Lizard Man — When 
Mondain first came to our land 
he performed unspeakaBCe 
experiments with his servitors 
and the fierce reptiCes that 
inhaBit some of the streams and 
rivers in the south of our (and 
The resuCt was a Lizard Man, a 
Being Both reptiCian and human 
in a singCe Body, armed with 
cruet teeth anda disposition to 
match its appearance. 

Mimic — Beware the treacherous Mimic, for it hath Been 
the doom of many a dungeon explorer. "Disguised as a tempting 
treasure chest, the Mimic patientCy awaits the overCy curious 
adventurer. When the victim approaches to examine the chest, 
the Mimic attacks with a ferocity unmatched 

Mindl/Vflipjjer — The Mind'Whipper is a Being with the 
Body of a human, a face that resembles nothing so much as 
the underside of a squid and an unquenchaBCe thirst for the 
mental energies of its victims. The few survivors of encounters 
with Mmdwhippers have emergedas BaBBCing Cunatics, their 
minds f Cay ed from their souts By the relentless onsCaught of 
these terriBCe creatures. 


Minotaur — J\s mentioned: 
Before, the eviC Mondain 
experimented ceaseCessfy with 
the cross-Breeding of man and 
Beast in an effort to create the 
uCtimate soldier. JAs if the 
creation of the dread Lizard 
Man -was not enough, the y tie 
wizard also mated the famed 
Baratarian fighting Bud with 
some of his followers, resuCting 
in the Minotaur - a horror that 
walks on two legs Cike a man, But 
which has the head and the crueC 
horns of a Bud. 

Necromancer ~ The Necromancer is a mage whose 
specialty is the practice of the arcane arts that pertain to the 
dead Tractittoners of such a morBidspeciaCty were naturady 
drawn to the fouC Mondain as jackals are to the carrion of the 
plains, you w id encounter many loathsome crea tares conjured 
from the spirits of the dead as you travel through Sosaria. 

Ness Creature — The seas surrounding Sosaria are home 
to a numBer of Beasts, among which numBers the dread Ness 
Creature, for many years these reptdian Behemoths were 
thought to Be naught But the workings of the overwrought 
imaginations of mariners. The sinking of the frigate 
PemBroke in plain view of a small armada hath disproven 
this BeCief 


Ore — Small, pig-visagedhumanoids, 
the Ores were the vanguard of 
Mondain s first advance. TriBaC By 
nature, they are suB-human at Best, 
just a sCight cut aBove true BestiaCity. 
They abhor aCC things human and 
cuCtured and wiCl Cay waste to 
anything fashioned By human hands. 
'Tis said that they reCish the taste of 
human fCesh. 

Tirates — The pirates that infest the coastafwaters of Sosaria 
are the scourge of the honest mariner. TheypCy the waterways 
seeking unarmed merchant ships topCunder, and often press 
the younger crew memBers into service as marauders. Once 
engaged a pirate vessel and its crew will Battle to the end, 
seeking no quarter and offering none. 

"Ranger — JACasl Xven the noBle Hanger, preserver of the 
woodlands and keeper of the forests, hath fatten under the 
sway of dark Mondain! These matchless trailBCazers long 
watched over the preserves of the Sosarian noBdity, But as 
Mondain's treachery took hold many of them forsook their 
oCdways and Became predators themseCves. Tie who is pursued 
By a Hanger must turn and make a stand, for once on a trad 
a "Ranger wild never give it up. 

'Raty (giant — The undergroundpassages 
of the ReaCm are prow Ced By oversized 
rodents, the resuCt of Mondain's 
necromancy and an aBundance of food in 
the form of victims of the TviC One's 
minions. The Sosarian giant Rat is a 
vicious predator, not to Be taken CightCy. 


SkeCeton — The progeny of 
Necromancers and undead Ltches, 
Skeletons are the animated corpses of dead 
warriors from which the flesh hath 
withered and fallen away. They fight 
tirelessly in an effort to carry out the 
Bidding of their dark masters. 

Spider, Q iant — few moments hoCd 
more terror for the intrepid explorer 
than when a Qiant Spider, venom 
dripping from its fangs, is encountered 
in the corridor of a subterranean 
CaByrinth. These creatures are 
dazzdng in their agidty and tireless in 
their search for prey, fight wed, or 
face a paralyzing sting and the fate of 
Becoming a living hatchery for their 

Squid, (giant — Sosarian mariners swap Cegends of the 
Xraken, or Cjiant Squid, in every puB in every port of the 
"Realm. These monstrous creatures have Been known to rise 
from the ocean depths, seize a vessel in their Cong tentacles, 
and drag the hapless vessel and its crew to a watery grave in 
the space of But a half dozen heartbeats. 

'Tangfer — Looking for ad the world as naught But a vine- 
covered tree stump, the Tangier lurks in suB-terranean 
corridors, waiting to ensnare explorers of the underground 


Once a Tangier hath enmeshed an adventurer in its tentacles, 
it will hold the victim fast until starvation ends the struggle. 
The monstrosity then feasts on the corpse. 

Thief ~ Long Before the coming of 
Mondain, the common cutpurse was a 
plague to travelers in Sosaria. Lurking 
in alleyways, poised Behind trees, and 
skulking in dungeon corridors, these 
villains are always ready to relieve 
innocent citizens of their valuables and 
the ir lives. *Tis a service to your fellow 
Sosarian to exterminate a Thief 
whenever possible. 

Trent — Native to the woodlands of Sosaria, the evd Trent 
seems like an ordinary oak tree until one approaches near 
enough to Be ensnaredin the grasp of its pliant Branches. Once 
it hath crushedthe life from the victim, the Trent then devours 
it, leaving no trace of its prey. 

'Viper — Since Before the dawn of civilization, the race of 
serpents hath roamed the (and from the most harmless 
garden snake to the giant constrictors, these legless creatures 
have always inspired fear in the human race. In the case of 
the yiper, this fear is wedfounded These vicious reptiles strike 
fiercely and frequently at all who stray too closely. Their 
venom-laden fangs Bring a swift yet painful death. 


IVancCering lyes — Many a 
dungeon seeker hath Been startCed to 
enter a darkened chamBer and Be 
greetedBy a numBer of eyes staring out 
of the murky BCackness. Stare not Cong, 
for the "Wandering "Eyes -weave a 
hypnotic speCC that entrances and 
(eaves even the most strong-wiCCed 
heCpCess Before the magicaC ons (aught 
that inevitaBCy foCCows. 

1ft 'ar Cock — 'Rogue practitioners of the magicaf arts, 
IVarCbcks are the eviC servitors of Mondain. the JouC One 
hath trainedthem in the casting ofBoCts of mystic energy and 
sent them forth to -wreak havoc among the poyruCace. Stay 
them if ye can, for the arcane arts shouCdnever Be used for 
■wicked purpose. 

'Wraith — Summoned from the 
nethermost regions of JhfeCC By 
Mondain's perverse enchantments, 
"Wraiths are the rest Cess souls of dead 
cCerics. Once on the material pCane, 
they drift aBout seeking potentiaC 
"converts" to the discipline of TviC 
Since one must first die in order to Be 
converted, 'tis strongCy advised that 
their enticements Be resisted 


Zom — LittCe is known of the 
mysterious Zom. 'Tis a creature that 
not only defies Cogic, But that seems to 
deny the very Caws of nature. Jt can 
Burrow through anything and is 
compCeteCy omnivorous. In BattCe it 
seems to generate far more force than 
one wouCd estimate possibCe from a 
creature of its size. lYhen stain, the 
Zom qutckCy evaporates, thus none 
have ever Been studied cCoseCy. 


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